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Frame: Desert Rose

Lens: Horizon Blue

Fit: Medium


In 1905, Aleister Crowley, the renowned author, philosopher and occultist, set off to climb Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain at 28,169 feet in Nepal. While the attempt ultimately resulted in failure, it cemented Crowley’s belief in the power of the mountains as living, breathing entities, that inspired his philosophies and writings, which went on to influence much of the 20th Century’s counter-culture. Crowley’s approach to mountaineering and life, was driven by a stylistic approach to pushing the limits. Meanwhile, in 1911, on the eastern slope of Colorado, Crowley County was born, with exceptional views that inspire us at Zeal Optics.

A classic with a twist, our new CROWLEY plant-based polarized sunglasses combine round styling, smooth lines and a keyhole bridge for a unique breed of fashion-meets-function. With ProFlex Rubber and our lightweight Z-resin frame, Crowley completely closes the gap between capability and style. With our castor bean based Ellume Polarized lenses, CROWLEY changes the way you see the world, with a legendary look. Have fun and look good creating your legends with CROWLEY. Only by Zeal Optics.

  • Polarized
  • Ellume Bio-Plastic Lens
  • Proflex
  • Z-Resin Bio-Plastic Frame
  • Rx Ready
Specs(Get It?!)
BRIDGE: 22.0 mm
EYE: 49.0mm
HEIGHT: 45.0mm
base curve: 6deg
TEMPLE: 135.0mm

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